In the the 1980s, the symbol of the costumes of the wind back, Hermes jewelry with unexpected trend of rapid development,Hermes boutiques around the world have become celebrities, such as the Kelly Imperial concubine of Monaco, the Duke of Windsor, the film star Midavis, Ingrid Bergman and so on. In 1956, the then Princess of Monaco, Hollywood famous actress Grace Kelly is pregnant, a public occasion, in the face of enthusiastic media footage, she involuntarily will be a moment without the body of the Hermes Kelly Purse in front of the body, to cover the pregnancy and bulging belly. The famous American "Life" magazine happened to catch this rare picture, and used to do the cover, a moment, the name of the Hermès Kelly bag, this scene has become a historical picture, once aroused the attention of the world. Other colorful leather products, comfortable to open yasmin scarf, dazzling jewelry and silk ballet Slippers are also favored by ladies. In terms of men's supplies, Hermes has introduced exquisite lined leather jackets, twill casual clothes, vibrant sports coats, and fancy silk ties. In 1978, the fifth generation Chairman and chief executive of the Hermes family, he developed new products such as watches and table decorations, which gave Hermes new material and breath. In addition, leather is one of the most successful products of Hermès, to order a Hermes "Kelly Bag", it will take a few years to wait, because each of its leather, have to undergo a complex process to deal with. This kind of bag has the manufacturer's mark, regardless of repair or maintenance, all by the same carpenter responsible, this rigorous production, it is the reason for its precious.

Birkin Hermes bag replica most famous bag, named after the French singer Jane Birkin, is well known for her workmanship and practicality,Each platinum bag was engraved with a year on the strap-buckle tape.

Kelly Hermes bag was renamed Kelly Bag for Grace Kelly's use. After becoming a source of inspiration for other commodities, Kelly hand bag, watches, jewelry, women and other products. There are beautiful replica Hermes H necklace and style very beautiful fake Hermes H bracelet.

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